Feed Supplies Disappearing? Consider Algae

Written by: Ann Hess

Categories: Alltech Symposium
May 20
Feed Supplies Disappearing? Consider Algae
With the decreasing supply of grain, adverse weather conditions and competition from an exploding human population, animal nutritionists may need to look for substitute sources of fatty acid. One nutrient they should not overlook- algae.
According to Jules Taylor-Pickard of Alltech, most animals’ diets are deficient in DHA. Studies have shown that, between 2005 and 2008, trout fillets have decreased nine percent in DHA and EPA levels and eight percent in omega-3 levels. Algae are not only an alternative energy source but something the industry needs to consider for improving the quality of animal diets and in turn improving production on farm.
In a recent trial with All-G-RichTM supplementation in dairy diets, researchers reported an increase of 1.9 kg per cow per day on average from day one to day 84. The milk also had an improved fatty-acid profile, increased levels of EPA and DHA and a reduced ratio of omega 6 to omega 3.

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