Farmers Using Social Media to Connect at Agvocacy

Sep 06

Emily Zweber on AgChat Foundation and Agvocacy 2.0

Emily Zweber, Executive Director of AgChat Foundation, describes how the AgChat Foundation came to be and how Agvocacy 2.0 helps provide farmers with the tools they need to tell their story and connect with their customers through social media.

The AgChat Foundation is truly a grassroots organization. It was started about three years ago by a group of farmers and ag industry folks who had discovered the communication power of social media and wanted to help other farmers gain the skills and confidence to tell their stories.

Emily Zweber is Executive Director of AgChat Foundation. She and her husband Tim work their family dairy farm in Minnesota and make time to tell their story via social media. Emily took a few minutes out of her busy schedule at Agvocacy 2.0, AgChat’s annual conference, to tell me how the organization got started and what farmers can learn at the event. It’s not all just techy tips and tricks.

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