Farmer Stories: Taylor Ranch

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Jul 16
Farmer Stories: Taylor Ranch

Jimmy Taylor, owner and operator of Taylor Ranch in Oklahoma, is focused and invested in getting the best quality out of his cattle while accommodating their needs and wants. 

To take advantage of a fuller product and receive better mineral delivery to the cow, Taylor switched the ranch over to Alltech’s Cow-Calf Advantage in July 2013. With the flexibility Taylor felt this blend provided his herd, he had the ability to pay attention to his cattle’s behavior and accommodate their wants, needs and consumption. “You’ve got to make the cattle think it’s their idea,” said Taylor.

For the 2013 season this has proven true as Taylor’s pregnancy retention rate was 98.5 percent on his fall calving cows, and he only had three out of 204 cows that did not carry to term after a pregnancy check. On his fall cows Taylor bred using timed artificial insemination (AI). The first cycle conception rate averaged 63.22 percent and this included the first and second calf heifers compared to a 55.36 percent conception rate in 2012.

Taylor, whose been partnered with Alltech since 2008, said he works with the Alltech team as they’re just as focused on improved quality and problem prevention as Taylor Ranch.

Make sure to vote for Jimmy and the entire Taylor Ranch team in the upcoming Farmer Stories Competition. Voting starts Wednesday, July 16 and the winner will receive an all expense paid trip for two to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy. Info on how to vote will be posted on July 16.

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