Farm Innovation Series Kicks Off in Ohio!

Mar 10
Farm Innovation Series Kicks Off in Ohio!

On Friday March 7, the Farm Innovation Series made its first stop in St. Henry, Ohio. The first event of its kind highlighted key topics that affect local producers.  Attendees were asked to consider “What if” about the future of agriculture and their own operations.

Highlights from the session included a presentation on Alltech’s Crop Science Program from Robbie Walker, general manager of Alltech Crop Science and a mycotoxin management presentation from Dr. Max Hawkins. Dr. Amanda Gehman, research project manager, highlighted Alltech’s In Vitro Fermentation Model (IFM). The IFM model is a tool that evaluates the nutritive value of total mixed rations in terms of digestibility and end-product formations.

Presenters from AGCO, Farm Credit and Big Ass Fans also touched on other key areas that local producers will need to consider in the future. AGCO focused on Fuse™ Technology that supports customers throughout the entire crop cycle while Farm Credit touched on financing the future through trends, opportunities and other considerations. Environmental conditions that affect barn design and ventilation were discussed by a representative from Big Ass Fans.

The Farm Innovation Series continues until March 21 stopping at nine cities across the United States. Click here to find one near you!

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