Equine Heroes: Alltech National Horse Show Rider Samantha Senft

Written by: Ben Jones

Nov 13

Samantha Senft and Early Morning

Samantha Senft and Early Morning at the Alltech National Horse Show

Getting ready for competition is critical for any rider, so we were fortunate that Samantha Senft took some time to speak with us as she and Early Morning were getting ready for the Alltech National Horse Show last month.

Early Morning, an 11-year-old warmblood mare, has some rituals she uses to prepare before she takes to the ring. She likes to listen to Justin Bieber or country music just before competing, and has recently discovered that she loves to snack on bagels. Samantha has some traditions of her own, holding on to hair ties and clothes from successful meets. The duo is from Castlewood Farm in Wellington, Fla.

Samantha also told us about her Equine Heroes: her mother and her trainer. They’ve meant a great deal to her over the years, and her story probably sounds familiar to many who have spent their share of time competing with their mounts.

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