Dr. Simon Timmermans on Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Environmental Sustainability for Beef Producers

Nov 03

Dr. Simon Timmermans is a veterinarian working in ruminant nutrition and medicine. He has dairy and beef clients and specializes in the role of nutrition in disease; especially with regard to trace mineral nutrition, mycotoxicosis prevention and post-ruminal bacterial infections. He holds an M.S. in Animal Science Ruminant Nutrition from Washington State University and a D.V.M. from Iowa State University.

Timmermans spoke this morning on traceability trends, Kentucky Proud and Alltech Angus. During his talk he outlined some of the many types of sustainability that are at the forefront of agriculture, including: economic, market, environmental and ethical. We caught up with him afterward to ask about the practical implications of environmental sustainability for beef producers.

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