A different approach to PEDv

Feb 27
A different approach to PEDv Karl Dawson, Chief Scientific Officer at Alltech

With the continued spread of PEDv (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus), biosecurity measures have been reaffirmed as the main precautions producers can take against the virus. But what else should producers take a look at?

In a recent release, Dr. Karl Dawson, Chief Scientific Officer at Alltech, cautioned producers to work closely with veterinarians to implement stringent biosecurity measures and a nutritional management program that strengthens the pigs’ immunity and disease defenses. Producers should identify key interactions where there is a risk of exposure and ensure safety standards are in place. Proper cleaning with disinfectants, heating and drying helps to destroy the virus. Some areas that have been determined high risk are dead haul/renderer sites, pests in the barns, personnel working at other pig farms, recently removed culled pigs and newly-weaned pigs transported to the nursery or finish site.

“While it is unrealistic to believe that a simple nutritional change will result in the elimination of the virus from a herd of pigs,” Dawson said. “Alltech’s distinct set of technologies can help in maintaining healthy pig populations, which is the first step in dealing with a herd crisis.” These technologies include solutions that have been shown to retain gastrointestinal health and wellbeing.

Using these nutritional strategies helps to ensure pigs are performing at their peak, optimizing their immunity and giving them the best chance to protect themselves.

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