Dairy Heroes and Their Helping Hands

Aug 02
Dairy Heroes and Their Helping Hands Louisa Haidle

A Dairy Hero can be different things to different people, but they all need help from others around them. To find out what makes a Dairy Hero, Alltech spoke to three people in Austria’s dairy industry to see how they support Dairy Heroes.

How does Rachfutter support Dairy Heroes?

“During the summertime, around 160 dairy cows have the chance to relax in the Tuxertal Valley in the Alps (1,840 to 2,400 meters above sea level). At Rauchfutter, we deliver the additional feed to the fresh Alps grass to fulfil all the needs of a healthy herd.”

--Herbert Nagl, product manager from Anton Rauch GmbH & Co KG

Anton Rauchfutter & Co

What is a Dairy Hero to you? How does TGD Tirol support Dairy Heroes?

“If a dairy farmer can keep a constant milk production with a somatic cell count below 100,000 per ml over a long period of time, they are a dairy hero to me! The TGD supports bacteriological milk analysis. Through this diagnostic it is much easier to detect problems very early so you can react as fast as possible. Because of this engagement, all dairy herds from stud books in Tirol were able to reduce their somatic cell counts over the past few years.”

--Christian Mader, Managing Director at TGD Tirol

What is a Dairy Hero to you? How does your magazine support Dairy Heroes?

Most of the Rinderprofi readers are Dairy Heroes. Their focus is on improving the economic performance of their animals while maintaining animal health. They know that only healthy animals in a suitable environment with an optimum diet can deliver high quality food to consumers. At Rinderprofi, we are always looking for innovative and scientific themes to keep our Dairy Heroes informed of new findings and results.

--Alexander Beran, Assistant CEO at Rinderprofi, a German magazine for modern Cattle Farming

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