Cattle Feeding of the Future: What Role Will Genomics Play?

Nov 04
Alltech's Global 500 - Mike Apley speaking to beef producers on antibiotic resistance

Leigh Marquess of Quantum Genetics in Canada spoke to beef producers on Cattle feeding of the future: What role will genomics play? Marquess highlighted research on the relation between naturally occurring genetic traits related to production, days on feed and application of growth technology. Genomics allows researchers to identify animals with particular naturally-occurring genetic traits. This is not to be confused with genetic modification of animals.

Marquess wanted to determine if animals with different Leptin genotypes vary with regard to feed conversion rates and average daily gain. He was also interested in how the different Leptin genotypes would respond to growth enhancement technology. The results revealed that there was a relationship between genotype, carcass outcome and beta agonist use. Determining genotype may become an important tool for beef producers that want to optimize days on feed, and increase marbling; therefore maximizing grid potential.

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