AYS Finalist: Sara Tanner

Apr 16
AYS Finalist: Sara Tanner Sara Tanner

Admittedly, I did not have the most typical path to a PhD program in the animal sciences. As a high school student, I knew I wanted to work with horses, so I applied to Cazenovia College’s program in equine business management. While at Cazenovia, I became involved as a teaching assistant for the equine anatomy and physiology class and in a feeding trial for Cargill. Interacting with students on understanding concepts from class and creating new knowledge through research really excited me. These experiences in teaching and research prompted me to look into graduate school.

The horse industry in Kentucky, as well as the faculty, brought me to the University of Kentucky for my graduate education. When I moved to Lexington, with its rolling hills of pasture and horses, it was in the midst of the fervor of the 2010 World Equestrian Games. What better place to be involved in equine research and industry? At that time, I didn’t know anything about Alltech, but I was soon introduced to the company through their informational displays at the World Equestrian Games, since they were the title sponsor. I even took a picture of their painted nutrigenomics horse sculpture titled “D ‘N Neigh” by Jamie Givens Schneider.

There have been other benefits to moving to “Alltech’s backyard” besides the World Equestrian Games. I’ve been on class and club trips to tour Alltech facilities and Alltech scientists have come and discussed their work lives on career panels. Word of Alltech’s Young Scientist competition trickled down through University of Kentucky’s Department of Animal & Food Sciences email listserv, why not enter the competition?

I’m truly excited to be in this international competition and to meet my academic peers from other countries. I’ve learned from my undergrad business classes that we live in a world with ever increasing globalization, but it hadn’t really hit home until I started presenting at conferences. This competition, however, takes this realization to a whole new level.

See you all in Lexington,

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