AYS Finalist: Olga Ushkova - From Russia

May 07
AYS Finalist: Olga Ushkova - From Russia Olga Ushkova

After finishing secondary school I entered the Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy and Music School, but over time the science became a priority for me. My interest and love of science grew even more in my last year of studying when I was writing my paper. After a successful defense of my graduation project and graduation from the Academy, I decided to enter graduate school.

My agricultural research project began in 2010. It was very interesting and difficult time for me because I frequently visited the farm to sample the milk, to make analyze it in the laboratory, and to search for answers from the results, all took a lot of time and effort. There were many difficulties. But my desire to carry out the research and the support of my supervisor helped me in my difficult times so that I did not give up. Now my biggest reward for the hard work is that I will participate in the Alltech Young Scientist global competition in the USA.

I had learned that there was a competition by chance just before the New Year. I sent my work in December 31, 2012. I did not hope for such a positive response, but truth be told, the New Year’s wishes came true!

In March, 2013, I received the message that I was the first among the submissions of university graduates in the region. I was thrilled! I believe this competition will help further to the development of my scientific work, I will learn something new and useful, and I will get to meet many researchers working in my field at the symposium. I am very grateful to Alltech for the opportunity to compete in Lexington and for their support in preparing me for the competition! It is a great honor for me to represent my university and Russia.

- Olga Ushkova

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