AYS Finalist: Nelson Pena - If It Was Possible Despite All

Apr 23
AYS Finalist: Nelson Pena - If It Was Possible Despite All Nelson Pena

Being a researcher has been one of my most important goals in recent years and the research I did was the key point in deciding on this vocation, which I am so passionate about. Taking part in the Alltech Young Scientist came about because a friend suggested that I participate in the competition the year before. They thought that my research could win the regional competition, but due to fate, I could not participate that year.

Again in 2012, my friend told me again, my work was very valuable and that I would have a chance to win. I was motivated and in November, before the closing time for submissions, I decided to prepare my paper , but there was a new bump in the road. Could my draft work using only 3500 words, could the essence of my research be captured? Simply put, I spent weeks trying to adapt the paper and finally succeeded. I uploaded the paper to the website for the Alltech Young Scientist Competition, but my impression was that I would not win, because my little work would not be able to compete with larger research projects and other results achieved throughout Latin America.

After three months, all I knew was that the posting of the contest results was delayed due to the large number of high quality papers received by the judges, one more fact that made me think that my work was not going to be a winner. I was very disappointed.

Suddenly, in late March, I received an email that my paper was chosen as a possible winner in Latin America and that I should answer some questions on eligibility. It was a very big surprise. I answered the questions in the email. I had a feeling of great happiness about a chance to win; however, nothing was confirmed yet. After almost a week, I received another email that said that my research had won first place for the Latin America Region and that I would be participating in the next stage - the global competition in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

This brought me the greatest joy and my family, friends and professional colleagues have all congratulated me and wished me good luck to win the global competition when I compete in May .

- Nelson

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