AYS Finalist: Liangzhan Sun - Hard work and dedication does pay off!

May 02
AYS Finalist: Liangzhan Sun - Hard work and dedication does pay off! Liangzhan Sun

It was two years ago when I first came across a poster that read "Alltech Young Scientist Competition" while on my way to the reading room. I found it interesting and time was available, so I decided to look into the details. I met Dr. Ao and Miss Luo from Alltech and Dr. Ao's speech was so inspiring that I decided take part in the competition. However, it was my second year in university and I did not yet know how prepare a paper. I asked my physiology teacher for help. She is a reference professor and was my tutor. A few days later, I joined in her group.

I have worked in a number research jobs in the Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Lab of Professor Li, from 2010 -2012, as a lab assistant. During this period, I totally focused on my objectives. During the last two years, I have achieved proficiency in experimental methods and the operation of various experimental instruments.

When the competition opened, I submitted my paper without hesitation.    On 21 Mar 2013, I received an email. I could not believe that I had been selected as the Asia Pacific Region 1st Place Undergraduate winner for the Alltech Young Scientist competition. When I was informed of the announcement of my nomination, I couldn't believe it.

In fact, I am still not sure that I really deserve this honor, because I know that each year the number of well-qualified participants from China exceeds the number that can win a spot in the competition.  The selection process is highly competitive. I believe that they also deserve this award and so I will try hard to represent them all in accepting this honor and competing in Lexington. I am indeed very excited about the trip to Lexington, Kentucky, USA for the Alltech Young Scientist global competition.

Kentucky, I'm coming!


Liangzhan Sun

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