AYS Finalist: JD Mostert - This South African is Going to Kentucky!

Apr 18
AYS Finalist: JD Mostert - This South African is Going to Kentucky! JD Mostert

As a young boy, living in South Africa with its magnificent wild life, I always wanted to become a vet to be able to make animals and science my day to day life. I found it intriguing as to know, or rather to catch a glimpse of how our Creator put life together and to see this in nature all around us. I loved to go to wildlife parks such as the Kruger National Park on game drives and to be amazed. Back home our family always kept a wide range of pets, from cats and dogs to geese, ducks, a crow to tortoises, chameleons, hedgehogs, fish and a monkey. This was just my start in loving animals and biology.

In school, the subjects of science and biology opened this world even further for me and I started to learn the difference between a maize plant's growth and that of a bean. Studying small concepts of biology really kick-started my thoughts of becoming involved in the natural sciences in some way. Before I knew it, I was spending my holidays at a vet practice close to home, observing science in action.

Finishing school, I applied at the University of Pretoria and got in, and as my first two years of studying went on, I was introduced to the field of Animal Science! This is a very diverse and interesting field of study and could enable us to provide food for a starving Africa and also prevent malnutrition and disease. I soon realized that Animal Science was the field of study that I had been looking for all along, a field that can mean so much to my beloved continent.

During my final year of study, we had a subject called “research methodology” in which we had to choose a topic that interested us. I chose my topic in the area of pig production, as it has limitless potential. After a year of research on this topic, I wrote a literature review on it. During the course of the year, our Professor informed us about the Alltech Young Scientist competition and I was excited from day one to compete in it.

In March I got an e-mail from Alltech congratulating me and telling me that I was the winner of the undergraduate Europe/Africa/Mid-East region and so the excitement exploded. I realized that I have a great opportunity now to represent Africa at a global level, discussing the future and new possibilities.

In the African way: "Eish I am so happy!"

- JD Mostert

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