AYS Finalist: Ahmed Mohamed Fouad Yousif

May 14
AYS Finalist: Ahmed Mohamed Fouad Yousif Alltech Young Scientist Finalist: Ahmed Mohamed Fouad Yousif

Keep trying again and again and again…. Learning more each time…. and you will succeed at reaching your goal!

It was more than six years ago that I looked at  an Alltech poster about organic minerals at the Agrena exhibition in  Cairo, Egypt. The poster interested  me so I asked the person who was standing by  it about the subject.  I asked him to send me the research  papers that had been published about the product, as minerals and vitamins were my interest area for  my masters research . From that day on  I knew Alltech.

In 2010, I heard about  the Alltech Young Scientist competition from Mr. Roland who  had come to my college in China, where I was then studying, to promote the  Alltech Young Scientist competition.  He talked not  only about the Alltech Young Scientist competition and nutrigenomics research  (my area of interest), but he also talked about Alltech as a company, and how Alltech was helping the students and people all over the world in many different ways.

That day I decided  I wanted to participate in Alltech Young Scientist competition,  with the goal of  competing  in  the global phase, so that I could also  visit the Animal Nutrigenomics  and Applied Animal Nutrition Centre  at Alltech’s headquarters  in Lexington Kentucky.

In 2010, I submitted the first paper to the competition (a review article). It was the first time I had  written  a review article, I did not win that year,  but judges gave me very useful comments on what was needed for a winning paper. In 2011, I submitted the second paper (a review article again ) but on  a different topic.  I did not win again but received useful feedback from the judges.

I put all the judges’ comments in the front of my eyes and used what I had learned in the two  competitions  when I wrote my first review article for submission to a scientific  journal. That article was  published last year and I had a  second review article that  was  been submitted  for publication this year.

Now I wanted to compete in the 2012  Alltech competition. It was my last chance to achieve my goal to win, as  I would graduate in 2013. I submitted a  research article based on my current research in 2012. Then in  March of  2013,  while I was very busy with my Ph.D. dissertation, I  received an e-mail from the Young Scientist competition.  It was the one that for three years  I had been wishing for.  The e-mail told me that my paper has been selected by the judges as the Europe/Africa/Middle East Region 1st  Place Graduate winner for the AYS competition.

Now  I will not only achieve my goal of competing globally this month in the USA, and   visiting  the Alltech  Nutrigenomics centre,  but I will be  attending a world class symposium in Lexington, Kentucky. Just as  important though, is that  through  this process,  I have  learned how to  write  good  scientific  papers.

Wish me success now in competing for the  top prize of AYS competition, and even if I don’t win  the top global  prize next month,  this competition has already induced changes in my life and I am so excited about the upcoming trip and the world of opportunities  it will open to me .

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