Authenticity Matters

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Jul 03

Interview with Paul Hill

Paul Hill has been raising pigs all of his life on the property where he grew up just outside of Mitchell, Ontario. He expanded Willgrove Farm and changed the herd to an extremely high-health, genetically stress-free animal.

When Paul Hill, president and founder of Willowgrove Hill, opened his presentation in The Marketing Forum with the gripping and tragic story of the loss of his son in 2001, the room collectively wiped away tears and held their breath.  Based on their son’s fight with cancer and Paul’s father’s passing from a heart attack, Paul and Rosie resolved to become leaders in providing wellness-focused products.  Twelve years later, Willowgrove Hill is now the only Canadian pork product that can make a health claim: 

The first and only pork in North America with DHA Omega-3, which supports the normal physical development of the brain, eyes and nerves.

While producing pork products in this manner is not the cheapest option, when it comes to the health and well-being of their animals and loved ones, the Hills feel it is their only option.  And they are not alone.  Paul Hill noted that consumers are demanding healthier products, are more aware of their food, and that creating healthier foods at the farm level, now more than ever, is important to and valued by consumers.  

When speaking to Paul and Rosie, it’s easy to be captured by the authenticity and emotive nature of their story. In memory of their son, they’re working hard to provide families with better nutrition and are transforming an unfathomable loss into a lasting tribute.

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