Argentinian Farmer Looks to Global 500 to Help Improve His Country's Beef Exports

Mar 17

Rodrigo Troncoso

Rodrigo Troncoso speaks with Alltech at Global 500.

Rodrigo Troncoso of Argentina attended Global 500 to share ideas with beef producers from around the world and gain from their experience with global export markets. Noting that the vast majoriity of the beef produced in his country is sold domestically (95%), he says Argentina is hoping to get on the map as world exporter of beef over the next few years.

A strong export market helps to protect producers from domestic price fluctuations. Troncoso says the country's goal at-large is to get to an 80/30 percent ratio of domestic beef sales and exports so that they can become a high volume market like the EU, US, Canada and New Zealand. Global 500 gave Troncoso a unique opportunity to discuss his market situation with some of the largest beef producers around the world while learning about the latest advances in animal nutrition science.

Watch and listen to what he has to say about his hopes for Argentina's beef industry. 

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