Antibiotic free and intestinal health management

Categories: Animal Nutrition, Poultry
Aug 07

Veterinarian, Dr. Mueez Ahmad, spoke on the subject of intestinal health management and shared insights into his program for raising antibiotic free (ABF) broilers. In his talk, Dr Ahmad touched on the challenges of fighting diseases such as runting and stunting syndrome (RSS) and clostridial related problems such as Necrotic Enteritis without in-feed antibiotics.

In addition to an intestinal health management program including organic acids, probiotics and novel yeast carbohydrates, Ahmad also listed nutrition, water and flock management as the cornerstones of his strategy to ensure the birds remain healthy and perform optimally.

Dr. Ahmad formerly served as the director for technical services for Coleman Natural Poultry. He also served as the poultry veterinarian in charge of HACCP and quality assurance for Draper Valley Farms, Inc. He has extensive experience in implementing commercial feed quality assurance programs, developing and executing food safety programs, developing and establishing animal welfare programs, and working with the USDA, FDA and FSIS.

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