Animal Agriculture Alliance Welcomes Alltech to Board of Directors

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Sep 13
Animal Agriculture Alliance Welcomes Alltech to Board of Directors Animal Agriculture Alliance

On August 28, the Animal Agriculture Alliance welcomed Billy Frey to serve on its Board of Directors on behalf of Alltech. All major sectors of animal agriculture are represented on the Alliance’s Board of Directors. 

“We appreciate Billy’s service to the animal agriculture industry and welcome this opportunity to work closer with Alltech to promote science-based messages about modern animal agriculture.” Alliance President and CEO Kay Johnson Smith said.

Billy Frey

The organization’s legacy of leadership makes it the lead organization for building meaningful coalitions across diverse industries. No other group speaks out for all stakeholders on diverse issues critical to the future of animal agriculture. The Alliance has long worked with the feed industry, being founded by American Feed Industry Association and continues to increase its partnership with other innovative feed companies to maintain a strong balance in all animal agriculture sectors. Alltech and the Alliance began a partnership during the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Alltech provided booth space so the Alliance could give out educational information for attendees of all ages.

The Alliance also recently established two committees - membership advisory and issues management. The goal for both committees is to expand the Alliance’s influence and engage with its members to address emerging issues facing the industry. Alltech’s Suniti Mujumdar also became the representative on the Issues Management Committee. 

To learn more about these committees, or the Alliance’s current programs, sign up to receive its free monthly e-newsletter at or contact

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