Alltech’s Inaugural "Large Herd" Initiative

Oct 03
Alltech’s Inaugural

Alltech held a "Large Herd" meeting of many of the world’s largest dairies and feedlots at its European BioScience Centre in Ireland this week as part of the Global 500 event. Large-scale operations from China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and North America were invited to take part in this unique initiative.

Twenty nine super-dairies and 18 of the world’s largest feedlots were represented in this one-day meeting.  The groups deliberated the implications of the growing world population and the projected 2 billion more mouths to feed. They looked at the topic – the new generation: where will they be and what will they want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? – under the headings of geography, urbanisation, and the role of technology.

Further sessions challenged current efficiencies - considering nitrogen effectiveness and longevity on mega-dairies and the options for vertical integration in feedlot beef production.

Both the beef and dairy groups concluded the meeting with an intense debate on the important role of human capital and the contribution of staff to profitability. They discussed the particular challenges faced in the largest scale operations and how to ignite leadership and exceptional employee performance.

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