AGCO Fuse™ Technologies - Farm Innovation in Action

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Mar 14
AGCO Fuse™ Technologies - Farm Innovation in Action Ready to hear about some Farm Innovation!

From March 7 to March 21, 2014, Alltech is presenting the Farm Innovation Series for farmers interested in learning about nutrition analysis, agronomy and technical developments that impact their ability to produce more and become more efficient in their dairy farm operations. The series is taking place in various cities across the U.S., and companies Alltech, Big Ass Solutions, AGCO and Farm Credit have partnered to bring experts from all fields to discuss the latest technology with  participants.

At one of the most recent stops, AGCO National Accounts Sales Manager Russ Green discussed the AGCO Fuse Technologies which is a commitment to customers to provide solutions that optimize, coordinate and seamlessly connect their equipment and their farm. AGCO Fuse Technologies demonstrate that by giving growers the right tools, solutions and support, they can farm smarter.  Green explained their goal is to ensure their solutions enable producers to link machines and management for technical and agronomic decisions and actions.  Examples of producer savings in performance were presented that could improve customer revenues up to $6,800 per day.

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