2012 Alltech Young Scientist Winners

May 22
2012 Alltech Young Scientist Winners Alltech Young Scientist Winners 2012

Congratulations to this year’s Alltech Young Scientist winners who have just been announced at the Alltech Annual Symposium.

This year’s graduate winner is Qian Wang from China, who is currently a PhD student at the University of California, Davis. Wang’s research work at UC Davis is focused on preventing greenhouse gas emissions (nitrous oxide) from agricultural soil. She won with her paper titled “Effects of inorganic versus organic copper on denitrification and nitrous oxide reductase activity in soil.”

Gisele Greghi, from the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the winner of the undergraduate competition. Greghi’s research work is focused on how to feed animals to reap health benefits in children. She won with her paper titled “Organic selenium combined with vitamin E and sunflower oil in the diet of lactating dairy cows: beneficial effects of this nutritional approach for animal production and human health.” 

This was a huge achievement as there was unprecedented interest in the competition this year with close to 8,000 registrants, representing the future generation of animal health scientists.

When asked what the Alltech Young Scientist competition meant to them, Gisele Greghi said "It is very important to know other countries and other students from other countries and exchange information. It is very interesting, because we are from different economic and cultural backgrounds, but because of education we are joined together, so we can transform the world and help other people by producing food." 

Qian Wang felt that "the Alltech Young Scientist Competition means that my work gets recognized, and that my research is appreciated. That adds to my confidence, and means a lot to my scientific career."

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