Jun 05

What does Alltech do for the average consumer?

What does Alltech do for the average consumer? Janeal Yancey
Last week I was invited to attend the Alltech Symposium. Alltech is a global agricultural company that produces a variety of products used in several segments of food production. Other than their beer (which was quite tasty), bourbon, and coffee products, a big portion of what is produced by Alltech is sold to others within agriculture. The average consumer probably doesn’t even know the company exists. So, that got me thinking. When people ask me where I was last week; why I left my kids and my husband for 5 days to attend a symposium hosted by a global agriculture company, what will I tell them? How do I relate what Alltech does to them and their everyday lives?


May 21

The Nutritional Revolution

The Nutritional Revolution Dr. Karl Dawson - The Nutritional Revolution

Karl Dawson is the Chief Scientific Officer at Alltech. He leads Alltech’s research efforts. Dawson described the revolutionary changes in molecular science that are now providing us with the ability to understand nutrition at the genetic level. The breakthrough that cleared the way for these developments was the human genome project. Sequencing the human genome cost roughly $3 billion - equivalent to the cost of six space shuttle launches. It took about ten years to complete and when we were done we had a basic map for the human genetic code.


Jan 26

Pathway to Poultry Profits

Pathway to Poultry Profits Dr. Lyons speaking at the Alltech Breakfast Meeting at IPE

Alltech’s Annual Breakfast Meeting at the International Poultry Expo is a chance for members of the poultry industry to sit down together and discuss the most important events from the previous year and trends that they will face in the future.


Oct 10

Poultry Epigenetics - Bird Health, Productivity and Product Quality

Alltech Blog Post Alltech Blog Post

Alltech's Poultry Epigenetics Seminar took place in Dunboyne, Ireland today. The event was attended by over 130 poultry nutritionists and professionals, who came to hear how epigenetics can help us learn to feed poultry to their true genetic potential.

A survey of the attendees showed that:

  • 71% believe that epigenetics will have a great impact on bird health, bird efficiency and product quality.



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