Feb 25

Hitting a High Note: Alltech to Grant More Than $500,000 to Top Opera Scholars

 Hitting a High Note: Alltech to Grant More Than $500,000 to Top Opera Scholars Alltech Vocal Scholarship Competition

Alltech Vocal Scholarship Competition 2014 Invite - Ryan

Ryan Traub, 2013 Graduate award winner, invites you to come watch this year's Alltech Vocal Scholarship Competition.

Compelling passion for arts and education has driven Alltech’s president and founder, Dr. Pearse Lyons to pioneer the annual Alltech Vocal Scholarship Competition, and as a result, it has become the largest vocal event in Kentucky. 


Aug 01

3rd Annual Alltech Farming Film Festival Underway

3rd Annual Alltech Farming Film Festival Underway

Alltech's Farming Film Festival 2013

Check out www.FarmingFilmFestival.com to learn about how you can enter to win $2,000!

There’s still time left for you to enter the 3rd annual Alltech Farming Film Festival. Grab your camera and tell us your story of using science on the farm.

These videos are a chance to show people the science and work that goes into life on the farm. Alltech works to help farmers find new ways to improve their crops and livestock, and we want you to show how that happens.

Videos can be up to two minutes long and should focus on a farmer’s ideas on the science involved in farming. They must include footage of a farmer on the farm.


Dec 31

New Year’s Resolutions for Farmers

New Year’s Resolutions for Farmers

I have been working on my New Year’s Resolutions and have hit a roadblock. Somehow the list looks a lot like it did last year, and the year before that. So, I thought it might be more fun to come up with some resolutions for other people.

So here is a short list of resolutions for farmers, ranchers, and really, anyone in the ag industry.

1. Agvocate


Jan 20

Meeting Marketplace Demands

Meeting Marketplace Demands Alltech North America Lecture Tour

There was a great turn out at the Ontario NALT stop for 2012 including students and professors from the University of Guelph, and of course valued customers of Alltech Ontario. NALT 2012 gave us the opportunity to express our gratitude to both the master’s and PhD students at the University of Guelph who are doing research on behalf of Alltech.




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