Jul 24

Building Trust as a Food Brand

Building Trust as a Food Brand Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown

Perdue’s Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown talked to food session attendees at Alltech's recent symposium about how Perdue builds consumer trust by meeting expectations for quality. In his presentation, Stewart-Brown used Perdue boneless skinless chicken breasts to discuss tenderness and the program Perdue uses to ensure chicken meets consumer expectations.


Jun 27

Agriculture Is Human Health Business

Agriculture Is Human Health Business Patrick Wall Speaking at Symposium

According to University College Dublin’s Patrick Wall, the future of the agri-food industry is good.  However, according to Wall, who spoke at the food breakout session of Alltech’s recent Symposium, consumers must be confident that the industry provides safe, healthy, and sustainable food products for growth to continue.


Mar 15

Animal Agriculture Allies at IPE

Animal Agriculture Allies at IPE Kay Johnson Smith President Animal Ag Alliance

Livestock producers are under attack. Activist groups like the Humane Society of the United States and PETA are actively working to erode public opinion of animal agriculture and meat, milk and egg consumption. Furthermore, they lobby for additional regulations that will drive up food prices. Similar efforts in Europe have resulted in higher food prices. However, consumer preferences have not changed. The end result is increased importation and a loss of food security.


Jan 24

Salmonella Control

Salmonella Control

A paper presented by Ducatelle et al of Ghent University presented at the XVII World Veterinary Poultry Association meeting in August 2011 is currently circulating on the web. It is stressed that the paper deals with control of Salmonella in general although extensive reference is made to Salmonella Enteritidis.(SE) infection in egg production.



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