Dec 04

Focusing on the Global Dairy & Beef Industry

Focusing on the Global Dairy & Beef Industry

Farms in Focus Contest Voting Now Open!

Want to know what dairy and beef farming really looks like? Well now is your chance! We’ve partnered with producers, students, and farm families everywhere to show the world our Farms in Focus.


Oct 03

World Dairy Expo @CowArtAndMore Tweetup

World Dairy Expo @CowArtAndMore Tweetup Kathy Swift Interview

Kathy Swift

Cattle veterinarian and jewelry artist discusses "Cow Art."

Kathy Swift wears a lot of hats. She is a Florida, dairy cattle vet, jewelry artist and founder of We spoke to her at World Dairy Expo about her art and the tweetup that she is sponsoring at World Dairy Expo this evening. If you aren't at World Dairy you can still "go" to the tweetup. Just follow @cowartandmore on Twitter. 


Oct 02

Farms in Focus Photo Contest

Categories: Agriculture, Dairy Cows
Farms in Focus Photo Contest

We are running our first "Farms In Focus" dairy photo contest during World Dairy Expo, which got underway Monday morning and runs through Saturday, October 6th.

We asked people to send us photos that show what dairy farming really looks like and we got some excellent entries. Now it's time to vote for your favorite dairy photo and help us pick the winner. The first place winner will receive $300.


Sep 06

Farmers Using Social Media to Connect at Agvocacy

Farmers Using Social Media to Connect at Agvocacy Emily and Tim Zweber at Agvocacy

Emily Zweber on AgChat Foundation and Agvocacy 2.0

Emily Zweber, Executive Director of AgChat Foundation, describes how the AgChat Foundation came to be and how Agvocacy 2.0 helps provide farmers with the tools they need to tell their story and connect with their customers through social media.

The AgChat Foundation is truly a grassroots organization. It was started about three years ago by a group of farmers and ag industry folks who had discovered the communication power of social media and wanted to help other farmers gain the skills and confidence to tell their stories.



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