Jun 04

Russian Ruminant School

Russian Ruminant School Russian Ruminant School

Every autumn, the Russian-speaking ruminant specialists go to one of the European countries to study at the Russian Ruminant School and to share their experience with their colleagues.

Каждую осень русскоязычные специалисты молочного скотоводства собираются в одной из стран Европы для обучения в Российской школе скотоводства и обмена опытом с коллегами. Обучение включает в себя теоретическую часть, практику и гостевые визиты на фермы.


Jun 02

A Day in the Life of Mark Kolotovkin

A Day in the Life of Mark Kolotovkin Examining alfalfa for dairy cow feed
My day usually starts on the road. This week I am in the Belgorod area which has some of the biggest dairy farms in Russia. It can take me up to 3 or 4 hours to reach these farms. Big country means long distances! Мой день, как правило, начинается с дороги. Это Белгородская область, здесь расположены некоторые из крупнейших молочных хозяйств в России. Иногда, чтобы добраться до хозяйства, необходимо 3-4 часа провести в дороге. Большая страна – большие расстояния.


May 13

Are My Cows Affected by Heat Stress?

Are My Cows Affected by Heat Stress?

The Sunshine State Beats the Heat
It is estimated in 2003, the United States dairy industry lost $897 million due to heat stress related issues.  How can an industry lose this much money to a climate change, how can we combat it, and can you imagine all of the positive things that could have been done with $897 million?


May 09

Improving Rumen Efficiency in Buffalo

Improving Rumen Efficiency in Buffalo Cesare Jemma - buffalo breeder from Campania, Italy

There are roughly 360,000 buffaloes in Italy. This market is valued at about €500 million. With the high cost of raw materials, the main question is: how to get more from the same ration? Optimising the use of forages may be an option. We met with Cesare Jemma, a buffalo breeder from Campania who optimised the performance of his buffalo herd.



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