Jun 11

Meeting Monty in Vermont

Meeting Monty in Vermont Norman meets the famous Monty in Vermont

Norman galloped into Vermont, and was very excited because it is the fourth largest dairy state in the USA, with approximately 133,000 cows on nearly 1,000 farms. Norman was fascinated to read in a book that up until recently the state was known to be home to more dairy cows than people! While in Vermont, Norman knew that he had to go all out and experience everything that the state is known for. He stopped at a sugar shack to sample the season’s maple syrup and then he grabbed a scoop of the Vermonster ice-cream at Ben and Jerry®’s.


Jun 05

What does Alltech do for the average consumer?

What does Alltech do for the average consumer? Janeal Yancey
Last week I was invited to attend the Alltech Symposium. Alltech is a global agricultural company that produces a variety of products used in several segments of food production. Other than their beer (which was quite tasty), bourbon, and coffee products, a big portion of what is produced by Alltech is sold to others within agriculture. The average consumer probably doesn’t even know the company exists. So, that got me thinking. When people ask me where I was last week; why I left my kids and my husband for 5 days to attend a symposium hosted by a global agriculture company, what will I tell them? How do I relate what Alltech does to them and their everyday lives?


Dec 06

The Haiti Citadelle Run - Supporting Education in Haiti

The Haiti Citadelle Run - Supporting Education in Haiti The Haiti Citadelle Run

Haiti Citadelle Run 2013

Discover what the 2013 Haiti Citadelle Run was all about and why Alltech is committed to helping build a sustainable Haiti. Read more on Alltech's blog - http://www.alltech.com/blog/posts/haiti-citadelle-run-supporting-education-haiti

San-Souci Palace – Start and Finish

San souci is French for carefree. That’s not a word that comes to mind when you think of Haiti now but Henri Christophe (Henry I, King of Haiti) chose it as the name for the luxurious palace that he built shortly after Haiti gained its independence in 1804. Surely he saw a bright future for the new country. Now the palace is in ruins but it is still impressive. It served as a symbolic starting point for our first Haiti Citadelle Run.


Oct 03

Culture and Entertainment at Global 500

Culture and Entertainment at Global 500

The Global 500 event is an excellent platform for learning, discussion and interaction but another important element cannot be ignored – entertainment! While in Ireland for the event the 761 delegates are being treated to a daily taste of Irish culture.

The welcome reception on Tuesday night featured music from The Blood Red Mountain Band as well as the Celtic Fusion troupe of Irish dancers performing to the world-famous “Riverdance” soundtrack.



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