Jul 02

Not Just What You Feed, But When You Feed

Not Just What You Feed, But When You Feed Dr. Peter Ferket

According to NC State’s Dr. Peter Ferket, when you feed an animal is just as important as what you feed it. During the poultry breakout session at Alltech’s symposium, Ferket explained how this concept can produce quality poultry.

Ferket explained that poultry traits can be influenced via programmed nutrition, which refers to the timed delivery of key nutrients early in an animal’s life.  The timing of nutrient delivery can affect the genes expressed in the animal.


Jun 27

Agriculture Is Human Health Business

Agriculture Is Human Health Business Patrick Wall Speaking at Symposium

According to University College Dublin’s Patrick Wall, the future of the agri-food industry is good.  However, according to Wall, who spoke at the food breakout session of Alltech’s recent Symposium, consumers must be confident that the industry provides safe, healthy, and sustainable food products for growth to continue.


Jun 25

Profiting Despite Volatile Dairy Prices

Profiting Despite Volatile Dairy Prices Mikhail Ramanovich Live Scribe

In recent years, milk prices have fluctuated greatly.  At Alltech’s recent Symposium, IFCN’s Mikhail Ramanovich discussed why some dairy producers have succeeded during this time, while others have not.  According to Ramanovich, profitability comes from good management.


Jun 19

Environmentally Efficient Cows

Environmentally Efficient Cows Live Scribe from Dr. Mitloehner's Talk

In 2006, a United Nations report entitled “Livestock’s Long Shadow” claimed that the livestock sector is a major player in climate change, “responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions ... a higher share than transport.”  Appeals for reducing meat consumption to prevent climate change filled the public media, and they continue today (see this recent opinion blog from the New York Times).



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