Feb 03

Rising Commodity Costs in Asia Focus Attention on Feed Efficiency

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Steve Bourne was at the International Poultry Expo last week meeting with customers and friends from around the world. He is Alltech's Vice President in charge of the Asia Pacific region. Bourne's background is in animal nutrition, with a focus on the role of enzymes.


Feb 01

A Grand Finale - Alltech's 26th International Animal Health and Nutrition Industry Symposium

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Dr. Everrett McCorvey sings at the closing session of Alltech's 2010 Symposium

The closing sessions this morning were very exciting. Here is quick overview of some of the great presentations that we saw.


Jan 29

International Poultry Exposition - Alltech's Breakfast Meeting

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Over 200 people from around the world attended our IPE breakfast meeting Thursday morning. Peter Kerr provided some simple steps to help poultry companies prepare for a potential crisis. If not handled properly, a public relations crisis can destroy a company's brand and even force it out of business. However, if a company is prepared to deal with a crisis then it may emerge from the event intact, or even stronger than before.



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