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European Lecture Tour 2013
March 11 - March 22, 2013

Stay Curious

Can Advanced Nutritional Technology Deliver on EPS? (Efficiency, Profitability, Sustainability)


CURIOUS about branding and building profit from the core?

Ideas for building and maintaining an advantage through branding in an increasingly competitive and interconnected world.

CURIOUS about a natural, pure, sustainable source of fatty acids and high quality proteins?
Algae, can it revolutionise the way we feed?

CURIOUS about your carbon footprint?

What is a carbon footprint, and why is it important to you? The New Zealand Government will subsidise emissions from farmers until at least 2015. How long will taxpayers subsidise the agri-sector which accounts for 50% of its carbon emissions?  As carbon footprint comes into the spotlight with consumers and Governments across the world, how can we respond to address these challenges?

CURIOUS about nutritional breakthroughs and solutions?

What we must understand to maximise productivity. With a world record of 31,000 litres of milk, why do we settle for 8,000+ litres? Is the grading system out of date? What are the obstacles to maximising EPS (Efficiency, Profitability, Sustainability)?


Monday, March 11

Dublin, Ireland
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Rennes, France
Budapest, Hungary

Tuesday, March 12

Birmingham, England
Lisbon, Portugal
Belgrade, Serbia

Wednesday, March 13

Munich, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Banja Luka, Bosnia
Zagreb, Croatia

Thursday, March 14

s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Bologna, Italy
Ljubliana, Slovenia

Friday, March 15

Bucharest, Romania
Munster, Germany
Brno, Czech Republic
Nitra, Slovakia

Monday, March 18

Sofia, Bulgaria
Poznan, Poland

Tuesday, March 19

Kiev, Ukraine
Billund, Denmark

Wednesday, March 20

Minsk, Belarus

Thursday, March 21

Izmir, Turkey
Tartu, Estonia

Friday, March 22
Saint Petersburg, Russia