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Asia Pacific Lecture Tour
January 21 - March 24, 2013

Alltech’s 26th Asia-Pacific Lecture Tours Challenges Industry to ‘Stay Curious’

Curiosity has put men on the moon, sequenced the human genome, seen physicists complete a decades-long search for the Higgs boson and now it has led us to precision nutrition, epigenetics and a nutritional revolution. The question is are we still staying curious?

Climate change and global warming are becoming more and more of an issue as severe Typhoons hit the Philippines, China, Japan, Korea bringing heavy rains and floods. Carbon taxes are already common and there is a pressing need for agriculture to become more efficient, profitable and sustainable. We must stay curious, challenge the status quo and embrace new technology to be able to respond to these challenges.

With this in mind, Alltech presents the 26th Asia-Pacific Lecture Tour – Stay Curious: Can Advanced Nutritional Technology Deliver EPS (Efficiency, Profitability and Sustainability)? APLT 2013 will run from the 21st of Jan to the 28th of March in a total of fourteen countries throughout the region.

  • CURIOUS about branding and building profit from the core?
    Ideas for building and maintaining an advantage through branding in an increasingly competitive and interconnected world.
  • CURIOUS about a natural, pure, sustainable source of fatty acids and high quality proteins?
    Algae, can it revolutionise the way we feed?
  • CURIOUS about your carbon footprint?
    What is a carbon footprint, and why is it important to you? The New Zealand Government will subsidise emissions from farmers until at least 2015. How long will taxpayers subsidise the agri-sector which accounts for 50% of its carbon emissions?  As carbon footprint comes into the spotlight with consumers and Governments across the world, how can we respond to address these challenges?
  • CURIOUS about nutritional breakthroughs and solutions?
    What we must understand to maximise productivity. With a world record of 31,000 litres of milk, why do we settle for 8,000+ litres? Is the grading system out of date? What are the obstacles to maximising EPS (Efficiency, Profitability, Sustainability)?

“As an agricultural industry, we are faced with increases in corn and soy prices and a rising global population to feed, all while trying to find solutions to minimize pollution and maximize traceability. Instead of waiting for someone else to solve our problems, we need to embrace these global challenges together. To be successful, you must adapt, have curiosity and embrace change.” said Matthew Smith, Director Asia-Pacific, Alltech. “Join us in the first quarter of 2013 as we share new technologies and ideas that will pave the way for the future of the Asia Pacific agricultural industry,”