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Digestive Integrity


The interaction between gastrointestinal microflora and the body is one of the single biggest factors that dictates pet health. Extensive research in the area of digestive health has proven that most disease situations originate from the malfunctioning of the GI tract or a compromised immune system.

The GI tract needs to be in a state of stable balance between good and bad microflora. When there is a predominance of beneficial bacteria in the gut, they suppress the activity of the negative, pathogenic bacteria present. When an imbalance occurs, these opportunistic “bad” bugs can overcome the number of desirable microbes reducing their beneficial effects – typically resulting in disease or symptoms such as diarrhea and small intestinal bacterial overload.

Novel strategies to combat the negative or pathogenic microflora in the gut include providing a proven prebiotic substance in the diet, which actually attracts undesirable bugs to its surface and traps them. The pathogenic strains of bacteria are thus reduced dramatically in the gut, as they are ‘washed out’ in the animal’s droppings.

The addition of prebiotics is crucial for the dominance of beneficial bacteria, which is especially vital for young puppies and kittens, geriatric dogs and cats, and those recovering from intestinal diseases or oral antibiotic therapy.

Pet Challenges