Beef Cattle Challenges

Gut Integrity

Maintaining gut stability is critical for raising profitable beef cattle. It all starts with young animals, which need support to maintain healthy microflora in their intestinal tract.

Greater attention needs to be paid to nutrition at arrival on the feedlot. An undernourished or unstable intestinal tract leads to poor digestion, increased exposure to toxins and pathogens and depressed immunity. The result is decreased nutrient absorption and increased morbidity and mortality rates. Failure to adequately address these issues dramatically impacts productivity.

New arrivals are subject to several stress factors, such as weaning, mixing with new groups and new surroundings, as well as feed and water restrictions. If these factors are not managed correctly, animals become more susceptible to bovine respiratory diseases (BRD). Many farmers are aware of the effects pneumonia, for example, can have on animal performance and the treatment cost associated with it.

Moreover, animals that are scouring as a result of poor management and nutrition at arrival will never realize their full potential, resulting in a loss of production and profitability. The ideal scenario is to have a specific diet for new animals on arrival that is low in protein and energy.

Providing high-quality and readily available trace elements with a natural gut stability booster can help prevent pneumonia and scour. This will help increase feed intake and reduce stress associated with the delicate rearing phase.


Beef Cattle Challenges