North America

Alltech acquires Ridley Inc. to strengthen global leadership position in commercial animal nutrition

Creates comprehensive animal nutrition offering for North American and international farming

Combined company to be a global leader in animal health and nutrition with annual revenues in excess of USD $1.6 billion

Allows Alltech to deliver greater performance and value to farms around the world with industry’s most advanced animal nutrition products and solutions

Accelerated product innovation from combined technology, research and data analytics

[LEXINGTON, KY and MANKATO, MN] – Alltech and Ridley Inc. (TSX: RCL) (“Ridley”) announced today that they have entered into a plan of arrangement agreement under which Alltech will acquire 100 percent of the outstanding stock of Ridley, one of the leading commercial animal nutrition companies in North America, for CAD $40.75 per share. The total consideration payable to Ridley shareholders is approximately CAD $521 million.

The price of CAD $40.75 per share represents a premium of approximately 23% to the 20-day volume weighted average price of Ridley’s common shares on the TSX as of April 22, 2015. The closing price of the Ridley shares on the TSX on April 22, 2015 was CAD $33.94. The boards of directors of both companies have unanimously approved the merger.

“This transformative transaction that combines two industry leaders allows Alltech to deliver better performance and value to livestock and poultry producers across the globe,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech. “With Ridley’s leading animal nutrition supplements, block products, extensive livestock and poultry producer distribution network and on-farm presence, we will be able to bring our advanced nutrition technology to market faster and more effectively. This combination creates a new model to deliver superior animal nutrition and tailored feeding programs supported by robust scientific research and data analytics. This deal underscores our continued momentum in growing our business through strategic acquisitions of best-in-class companies with trusted technology and brand recognition.”

“Joining Ridley with Alltech is about bringing the best nutrition solutions to meat, milk and egg producers around the world,” said Steven J. VanRoekel, president and CEO of Ridley. “Alltech is the technological leader with a broad global footprint so by uniting forces we will create a scalable platform to grow and market solutions to enhance the profitability of producers. We are also joining a financially strong company that is committed to investing in science and innovation so that we can deliver the most advanced animal nutrition solutions.”

Ridley is one of the largest commercial animal nutrition businesses in North America. Ridley manufactures and markets a full range of animal nutrition solutions, including formulated complete feeds, premixes, feed supplements, block supplements, animal health products and feed ingredients. Ridley’s customers include livestock producers as well as equine and pet breeders. Ridley’s products are sold to producers by direct sales or through distributor and dealer channels.

Both companies are industry leaders committed to investing in sustainable nutrition solutions and advanced feeding programs that optimize physical and financial performance on farms, leading to increased efficiency and value. Alltech spends approximately 10 percent of its gross revenue on R&D, more than any other company in the industry. Ridley has a strong technical team with over 40 advanced degree staff who have produced some of the industry’s best-selling and most widelyrecognized blocks and nutrition supplements and will now be working side-by-side with Alltech’s team of approximately 150 Ph.D.s. This deal will further enhance Alltech’s primacy in science and allow it to deliver this to a broader range of livestock and poultry producers in the U.S. and bring more advanced animal nutrition solutions to countries across the globe.

Improved animal nutrition is a pressing need for the productivity of the world’s livestock and food chain. Feed costs comprise the majority of livestock production costs. By improving nutrition, livestock and poultry producers are able to realize a significant increase in efficiencies and return on investment. Alltech’s continued commitment to tailoring nutrition and health programs with a focus on natural, antibiotic-free ingredients allows livestock and poultry producers to raise healthier animals through a process that is better for animals, consumers and the environment.

The combined company will have a presence in over 128 countries and 4,200 employees worldwide. Alltech has more than doubled its sales in the last three years and is on target to achieve USD $4 billion in sales in the next few years.

The transaction is subject to approval by Ridley shareholders, regulatory review and other customary closing conditions. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the second quarter.

Alltech has established a track record of successful acquisitions, having completed seven since 2011.

Download the following documents for more information.

Call for entries for the second Alltech Commonwealth Cup; only professional craft beer competition in Kentucky

WHAT: The Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest presents the second annual Alltech Commonwealth Cup competition. Following the success of the third annual international Dublin Craft Beer Cup in Ireland in February, Alltech is bringing the excitement and passion back home to the Bluegrass with the only professional craft beer competition in Kentucky. Brewers from around the globe will face off as their craft brews of all styles are judged by a panel of industry veterans for gold, silver and bronze medals. From these winners, only one beer and brewery will be awarded the Alltech Commonwealth Cup.

WHO: Any craft brewery as defined by the Brewers Association is welcome to enter. If you are not sure if your product qualifies, please contact Phil Hardy at To see the listing of beer styles and corresponding categories, visit the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest Rules and Regulations page.

WHEN: Online registration closes Friday, May 8. Judging will take place on Thursday, May 14 and Friday, May 15. Winners will be announced during the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest Saturday, May 16 at the Lexington Convention Center in downtown Lexington, Ky. 

WHERE: Entries within the United States with the Bottle Identification Form found on the Rules page must be sent by Monday, May 11 to the below address.

Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.
Attn: Phil Hardy
475 Angliana Ave.
Lexington, KY 40508

MORE: Judging of the entries will be carried out by up to four qualified judges. All judging will follow standard beer judging procedures. Medals will be awarded based on the score the beer receives. Register at

Future Alltech leaders start in Career Development Program; Four new programs now open to applicants

The 2015 Alltech Career Development Program (CDP) consists of 11 members from across the globe, including one Kentuckian. The CDP members are joined by Alltech’s Dr. Aoife Lyons, Suniti Mujumdar, Jan Edward Lim and Richard Feuerstein.

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Alltech’s 2015 Career Development Program (CDP) members are a prestigious group of 11 recent graduates from around the world who started intensive training at Alltech’s global headquarters in Kentucky in February. Program members are now spending their first few months devoted to the Alltech REBELation, the company’s flagship international conference May 17-20 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

And now, many other recent graduates can also have similar opportunities thanks to four other Alltech career development programs that are now open for online applications. These specialized Alltech career development programs include three new programs: a U.S. Feedlot Beef program, an EU Beef Sales program, and a Quality program. The fourth, the Alltech Dairy program, is back for the second year.

The programs are designed to recruit the future leaders of global agribusiness and started with just one general program in 2012, called the Alltech Career Development Program. The new programs that have been added in the past two years have a narrower and more technical focus.

“Alltech is all about staying agile, and bringing in fresh talent is key to that goal,” said Dr. Aoife Lyons, director of educational initiatives at Alltech. “Alltech never stops evolving, and part of that evolution is bringing in bright young minds to help build the future of our company and the agribusiness industry as a whole. We are delighted with the talented groups we have brought in so far, and feel confident in what they will be able to accomplish.”

The programs open for applications until May 31 include:

The U.S. Feedlot Beef Career Development Program - Alltech is investing heavily in feedlot technologies and natural nutritional solutions to improve the health, well-being and productive efficiency of beef cattle. Successful candidates will be involved in the implementation of these programs as well as providing nutritional and technical support to both producers and the Alltech beef sales team across the USA.

The Alltech EU Beef Sales Career Development Program - Alltech will invest $1 million over the next year with the objective of providing an innovative format for new nutritional technologies for beef cattle. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to improve animal health and welfare, while increasing beef farm profitability in target EU countries.

The Alltech Quality Career Development Program is an opportunity for motivated young scientists to gain real experience in meeting the demands placed on Alltech’s quality department by both regulatory bodies and the customer. The program will expose candidates to all aspects of product manufacturing. Candidates will discover what makes the Alltech Quality System (AQS) one of the most comprehensive quality systems in the industry.

The Alltech Dairy Career Development Program - Successful candidates will learn from innovative dairy production systems throughout the world, work on breakthrough nutritional technologies and strategies for dairy, and receive world-class training. Participants will be located on some of the most progressive dairies around the world to understand firsthand the operation of a dairy business and will implement nutritional technologies to demonstrate an improvement in animal health, performance and profitability.

Recent graduates are invited to find out more and apply on the Alltech Career Development Program page at The application period is open until May 31, 2015.

Current CDP members are excited about their work on the Alltech REBELation, and future assignments at Alltech’s international offices.  

“As the only local Kentucky guy in the CDP group, it has been a blast working with my teammates from all around the world,” said Cody Hutchins, an international business major from Mt. Washington, Kentucky, who recently started working in the general Alltech Career Development Program.  “The leaders of the company have consistently been working closely with us, and we’ve received a ton of training in order to bring us up to speed. My favorite part of the company is the amount of creative freedom we have been given to propose any idea that we would like to attempt. Alltech does a great job of empowering individuals to act quickly on opportunities, and the result is a fast-paced, fun and exciting environment.”

The 2015 Career Development Members that began training at Alltech headquarters include:

  • Pauline Depierre, France, Master of Arts, Political Systems in Emerging Countries
  • Meghan Niehaus, United States, Master of Arts, Social Sciences
  • Lilia Billones, Philippines, Bachelor of Science, Economics and Marketing Management
  • Guilherme El Sayed, Brazil, Bachelor of Engineering, Agricultural Engineering
  • Erika Gómez Alfaro, Mexico, Bachelor of Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering
  • Derek Patterson, United States, Bachelor of Science, Agriculture Leadership and Development
  • Chanatip Padungdetpasuton, Thailand, Master of Arts, International Relations
  • Araceli Olivares Solas, Chile, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Carlos De La Torre Ugarte Zar, Peru, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
  • Cody Hutchins, United States, Bachelor of Science, International Business
  • Aoife Murphy, Ireland, Master of Science, Digital Marketing

Milk prices dropping: Feed strategically

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Dairy farmers will soon discover that 2015 will be a challenging year to maintain profitability, according to one industry expert.

“Milk prices have dropped 30 percent compared to 2014,” said Mike Hutjens, professor of animal sciences emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana. “Since feed costs can represent 50 percent of the total cost to produce milk, many dairy farmers are making feed changes that could save ten cents a day but are losing 25 cents of income in the process.”  

When milk prices drop, Hutjens said there are several “Golden Rules” that should never be broken:

  • Golden Rule 1: Never give up milk. One pound of additional dry matter can lead to two pounds more milk. One pound of dry matter can cost 12 cents while two pounds of milk can be valued at 30 to 38 cents additional income or a profit margin of 18 cents or more per cow per day.
  • Golden Rule 2: Build your milk check through higher milk components (20 to 40 cents more per cwt), lower somatic cell counts (30 cents per cwt) and lower bacteria counts (40 to 60 cents per day).
  • Golden Rule 3: Make feed decisions with long term consequences in mind. Be careful that feeding changes do not jeopardize your future herd health or performance. The decisions you make to save 30 cents per cow per day today, may end up hurting you in the long run. For example:
    • Removing organic trace minerals may lead to increased mastitis risk, lower reproductive performance and lower immunity.
    • Delayed breeding of cows can lead to an additional 120 days open. Each extra day open can cost 0.2 pound of milk per day as cows do not calve on time.
    • Reduced hoof trimming can lead to more lame cows, which can result in more culling, less feed intake and lower fertility.
    • Slow heifer growth (less forage, concentrate and/or minerals) can result in heifers calving at 26 months of age instead of 23 to 24 months of age.  Each additional day heifers consume more than $2 per day in feed costs and lower lifetime milk production.
    • Removing feed additives can save 6 to 20 cents per cow per day, but the economics of the recommended and effective feed additives are profitable at $24 or $16 per cwt. Hutjens advises not taking out theses additives for lactating cows:
      • Ionophores to improve feed efficiency, cow health and milk production
      • Yeast product to stabilize the rumen environment, control rumen pH and lower lactic acid levels
      • Silage inoculants to reduce dry matter losses and increase energy
      • Mycotoxin binders to support immune function, rumen health and higher dry matter intake
  • Golden Rule 4: Monitor cow response when making feed changes. Cows are always “talking”; are you listening? Watch for:
    • An increase of milk urea nitrogen (MUN) from an optimal of 8 to 12 mg/dl.
    • A change in management level milk or 150 day milk by more than three pounds.
    • A change in dry matter intake of more than two pounds per cow per day.
    • Shift in milkfat or milk protein concentration by 0.1 percentage point.
  • Golden Rule 5: Dry matter intake is key. If dry matter intake declines because of lower quality forage, removal byproduct feeds, or less protein supplement, rumen fermentation slows. There is also less microbial amino acid synthesis and lower energy intake, which impacts milk yield, leads to weight loss and can reduce fertility. Fresh cows suffer the most.

“The golden rules can be expanded and customized by dairy farmers, consultants and veterinarians, and the good news is in late 2015, milk prices are expected to recover,” Hutjens said. “Will your herd and cows be ready to respond to this opportunity? Will somatic cell count be optimal? Will cows be pregnant? Will lower peak milk production lead to lower production six months from now? Make profitable decisions and review your golden rules and responses.”

Hutjens will be a featured speaker during Dairy: Today’s Greatest Business Opportunity, part of the Alltech REBELation event exploring innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas in Lexington, Ky., USA, from May 17-20. To find out more information about the latest nutritional tools for your farm and to register, visit

Kentucky Race Day Session IPA hits market on National Beer Day; on draft for spring

Kentucky Race Day Session IPA from Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co is hitting bars and restaurants now on tap only. The new session IPA is dry hopped with Hallertau Mandarina and Hallertau Blanc hops, as well as Cascade hops from America’s Yakima Valley. It's fruity, spicy and citrusy and can stand the test of a long day.The new session IPA will only be available on draft in the Kentucky region initially, with distribution expanding in the future.

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Just in time for sunny days at the track, golf course or by the grill, and of course, National Beer Day, Kentucky Race Day Session IPA is now on draft in Kentucky. The new India pale ale from Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. is packed with flavor but not alcohol, coming in at 4.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

Light-bodied and refreshing, Kentucky Race Day Session IPA is aromatic and citrusy. Dry hopped with Hallertau Mandarina and Hallertau Blanc hops from a German hop-growing region sacred to many brewers, as well as Cascade hops from America’s Yakima Valley, the IPA is fruity, spicy and citrusy and can stand the test of a long day.

“This is a beautiful straw-colored beer, and it has a slight veil and is really light-bodied,” said Ken Lee, master brewer for Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. “As session beers have grown more popular, this was a fun chance to brew a new IPA in addition to our year-round Kentucky IPA, which we debuted a couple of years ago and is a bit heavier. I expect that session beers will continue to grow as the craft beer market evolves and more people are looking for beers that have both the complex flavors and high quality of craft beer but are still refreshing and light.”

Out of the gate, the new IPA will only be available on draft in Kentucky, but the brewery will potentially increase distribution to a wider footprint shortly and may explore other packaging options.

The new brew is debuting at a dynamic time in the brewery’s history, as the downtown Lexington brewery undergoes a renovation and expansion, with its capacity set to quadruple. The brewery’s summer seasonal is also set to hit the market soon, as part of its barrel-aged seasonal series it launched in 2013 with its Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale that quickly became a hit.

In addition, early bird tickets just went on sale for the brewery’s second annual Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fest on Saturday, May 16, which will feature more than 120 beers from across the United States, as well as food and local entertainment.

Follow the Kentucky Ale Facebook page or the Kentucky Ale Twitter for updates on Kentucky Race Day Session IPA pint nights, special tastings and more.   

Early bird tickets on sale now for second annual Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest in May

Alltech is hosting the second annual Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest at the Lexington Convention Center in downtown Lexington, Ky. on Saturday, May 16 from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. The region’s largest craft beer and food festival will give attendees the opportunity to sample more than 120 beers brewed by 40 breweries from across the United States. Early bird tickets can be purchased now at or

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – The weather is warming up, and people are thirsty. Luckily, early bird tickets go on sale online today for the region’s largest craft beer and food festival. More than 120 beers brewed by 40 breweries from across the nation will be featured at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest on Saturday, May 16, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Lexington Convention Center’s Heritage Hall. Back by popular demand, there will be special tappings every 15 minutes from each brewery for their specialty, rare, and collaboration brews, as well as food from local vendors.

A list of confirmed breweries is available at, and includes beloved craft breweries such as New Belgium Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Blue Point Brewing Co., Goose Island, Country Boy, Sweet Water Brewing, Dogfish Head, Stone Brewing, Bell’s Brewery, Founders Brewing Co. and Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.

The brewfest will build on the success of last May’s festival, which kept the convention center packed throughout the day with 4,500 attendees. Momentum also continues from the fair’s sister festival, the three-day Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fair in Dublin, Ireland in February that drew rave reviews.

“This is quickly becoming one of the premier beer festivals in this area, and we are expecting an even larger crowd this year,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “Last year, people were running from brewer to brewer and lining up to try the special collaboration and rare brews. You could just feel the passion, from the fans to the brewers, who are truly entrepreneurs. This is about more than just beer. It’s about community.”

The Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest will serve as one of the culminating events for the third Annual Lexington Craft Beer Week, a celebration of Lexington’s craft beer culture and best brews, running from May 9 to 17.  The festival will also feature the only professional craft beer competition in Kentucky, the Alltech Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup, as well as a sneak peek at the new Alltech Brewing & Distilling Academy, and local live entertainment.

The Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest serves as a kickoff event to the Alltech REBELation, an international event exploring innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas in Lexington, Ky., USA, from May 17-20. The conference features a Brewing and Distilling symposium, which begins on May 18 and will feature Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery, Greg Koch of Stone Brewing Co. and Bill Samuels, Jr. of Maker’s Mark. Registration is open to the public and available now at

Brewers interested in participating in the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fest or in entering the Commonwealth Cup are invited to email

Early bird tickets can be purchased now at or and are only $25 through Saturday, April 11.  Early bird tickets can also be purchased at the Town Branch Distillery Visitor Center at 401 Cross St., Lexington, Kentucky. Advance online ticket prices following April 11 will be $30 and then $35 at the door. All tickets include 20 beer samples. Designated driver tickets without beer sampling privileges will be available online and at the door for $10. 

Join the conversation on Twitter about the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fest using @alltechbrews.

Alltech Brewing & Distilling Academy launches in Lexington; will feature courses for a variety of levels

The Alltech Brewing and Distilling Academy in Lexington, Kentucky launched this week and included a hop bitterness tasting session. Instructors will eventually teach everything from weekend courses for homebrewers, to two-week courses for experienced technologists working in a commercial brewery or distillery. The unique school will be the only brewing and distilling academy in the state, as well as the only one connected to an operating brewery and distillery.

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – The college town of Lexington, Kentucky has a new institute of learning—one that schools its students in beer and spirits. The unique school will be the only brewing and distilling academy in the state, as well as the only one connected to an operating brewery and distillery—Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.

The Alltech Brewing and Distilling Academy is launching this week, with a short course on raw materials. Instructors will eventually teach everything from weekend courses for homebrewers, to two-week courses for experienced technologists working in a commercial brewery or distillery. The school will also have a pilot brewery and distillery installed this summer for student use.

A $3 billion industry in Kentucky in 2014 generating 15,400 jobs, the bourbon and the spirits industry have drawn greater attention in recent years. Craft brewing is no exception. At a time when beer sales are flat, craft beer volume in the United States just hit a double-digit share of the market. A new craft brewery opens every 16 hours.

“Brewing and distilling used to be a rather quiet industry in Kentucky, but today, a new brewery or distillery opens every day,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech.  “Yet many of these new brewers and distillers are not formally educated in this craft, which can lead to compromised products. With the Alltech Brewing and Distilling Academy, we want our graduates to go on to create exciting beers and spirits that are of high quality and consistency so that the market continues to grow and is an important part of the state economy, and even the national economy.”

Boasting a new, state-of-the-art laboratory and classroom, students will benefit from the expertise and resources of Alltech, a billion-dollar global company with a core competency in yeast and fermentation technology that also ran its own Alcohol School for 25 years in Lexington and across the globe.

Much of that same experienced staff, many with master’s degrees in brewing and distilling or doctorates in biotechnology, yeast fermentation or other related fields, will teach at the Alltech Brewing and Distilling Academy. The Alcohol Textbook, a text that evolved over four editions, and soon became a key source for the beverage, fuel and industrial alcohol industries, was also published and co-authored by Dr. Lyons.

The school will also partner with different Kentucky universities in varying capacities. Projects and talks are already in the works with Western Kentucky University, the University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University. More may follow as the academy further develops.

At some academy courses, company experts will discuss legal and regulatory issues, brand development, marketing, business management, social media and more. However, much of the learning will be hands-on due to the technical nature of the craft. Lessons taught will include how to handle yeast, clean and sterilize tanks and safely transport and store barrels. Students will don lab coats and eye protection for the lab, where they will make fermentations, examine different forms of yeast under the microscope, brew beer on a pilot brewery, work on a brewery’s bottling line and more.

“We’re really here to serve the little guys and the big guys,” said Phil Miller, director of the Alltech Brewing and Distilling Academy. “We want to welcome everyone here to learn, whether you are new in the field of brewing and distilling, or whether you have been in it for 35 years. We will have courses and pricing that should suit a wide variety of students. After all the planning and hard work of this school, we are thrilled to finally be opening the doors and sharing our passion of brewing and distilling with people. It truly is a science and an art, and one that is near and dear to Alltech.”

The Alltech Brewing and Distilling Academy is located at 475 Angliana Avenue in Lexington, Ky., and is part of the facility that also houses some of the brewing and bottling operations for Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. Upcoming course dates and topics are still being determined, but prospective students are encouraged to visit to watch for course postings, or to contact academy staff. Academy leaders will exhibit at the American Distilling Conference in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend and discuss the new school.

The academy will also be featured at the upcoming  Brewing and Distilling symposium at the Alltech REBELation on May 18-19 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, and at the Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fest May 16. 

Poultry industry explores branding beyond buffalo wings during Alltech REBELation

At the Alltech REBELation in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, May 17-20, Poultry: Production and Marketing Come Together will feature a full agenda of topics from the cost of antibiotics and consolidation of the industry to embracing the agricultural cycle and getting ahead of supermarket demand.

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Antibiotic-free chicken nuggets, DHA omega-3 omelets, nutrient-rich turkey subs—the opportunities are infinite for marketing and producing the most versatile protein on the shelf. Poultry industry members will find there is no better time to be in the business during Poultry: Production and Marketing Come Together at the Alltech REBELation, May 17-20 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

“With McDonald’s new plan to limit the use of AGPs and Chick Fil-A, Panera and six of the largest United States school districts joining the AGP-free market, we are finding these new niche systems becoming the norm in poultry production,” said Paulo Rigolin, Alltech global poultry sales director and chairperson of the poultry symposium, part of the Alltech REBELation. “This year’s poultry session will not only explore what’s next in supermarket demand but also the latest innovations to improve performance and stay competitive in this new landscape for poultry production.”

Speakers for the Poultry: Production and Marketing Come Together symposium include Colin Powell, former United States Secretary of State; Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods; and Bob Langert, editor-at-large, Green Biz and retired McDonald’s vice president of sustainability. Poultry symposium topics will include discussions such as:

  • Antibiotics- The Cost: Public perception, trust and hospital-acquired infections. What are the alternatives?
  • Woody Breast: Does nutrition hold the key to overcome meat quality issues?
  • 1.25 Billion Wings: Marketing the most valuable meat for growth.
  • You are in the Agriculture Cycle: Seed-Feed-Farm-Food. Embrace it, select and grow your grains for performance.
  • Omega-3- Fooling the Public? Mass Deception? The true story of DHA. Ignore today; pay tomorrow.
  • What Supermarkets Expect from Poultry Producers: Meeting the needs of food retailers.
  • Poultry Statistics and Measures- What is the Norm?: What are the standard measures for the modern poultry industry?
  • Innovation. More powerful than knowledge: Restoring innovation in the production cycle. The tools are there, but how do we inspire people to use them?
  • The Poultry Industry Look in 2050: Wisdom for the future.

This special symposium is part of the Alltech REBELation, an event exploring innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas in Lexington, Ky., USA, from May 17-20. Poultry: Production and Marketing Come Together begins on May 18. Pre-conference events include an opportunity to savor the best in brews from across the Bluegrass and around the world at the second annual Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest on May 16, and tours of Kentucky’s horse farms, bourbon distilleries and other sites are offered on Sunday, May 17, along with an international welcome dinner for all conference attendees.

Registration  for the Alltech REBELation is open now. For more information, or to request an invitation, contact a local Alltech representative, visit or email Join the conversation on Twitter with #REBELation. 

Digital disruption – are you ready? Alltech REBELation to explore Digital Business

What happens when the virtual world simply becomes the real world? The Alltech REBELation will explore this and more in the Digital Business symposium, beginning on May 18. This special symposium is part of the Alltech REBELation, an event exploring innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas in Lexington, Ky., USA, from May 17-20.

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – What happens when the virtual world simply becomes the real world? Today, we sleep with our cell phones, our home devices talk to us and sense us, and major companies are making headlines each week as they get hacked. Old business models are being disrupted as the line between the digital and physical is blurred. This brave new world will be examined during the Digital Business symposium at the Alltech REBELation conference in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, from May 17-20.

“Companies used to simply walk to keep up with technology, but today it’s an all-out sprint,” said Tim Arthur, chief information officer at Alltech. “We’re now at a unique place on the digital timeline in which the technology truly has just become a seamless part of life, from grocery shelves using sensors today, to security threats coming through the Internet rather than the skies.”

The Digital Business symposium will gather business experts from around the world – including Stewart Baker, former assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and general counsel of the National Security Agency; John Herlihy, vice president of sales and operations for Google Ireland; John Osborne, general manager of R&D, Kroger; and Stuart Scott, senior vice president, CIO, Tempur Sealy International Inc., for discussions such as:

  • Could Your Company Make Headlines Being Hacked? How secure is secure? Will we ever be able to safeguard against the human factor?
  • Digital Disruption: Are you ready? Orchestrating a change of mindset for the next generation of business.
  • Welcome to your Interactive World: Are you opting-in every time you turn on a device?
  • The Smart Approach to Digital Chaos: Innovation, adaption and integration
  • Bridge the Gap: CMO vs. CIO: Digital business perspectives from CIOs and CMOs.
  • The Internet of Things: Get plugged in: Everything has a sensor now and they are all connected. How will this data be used to drive marketing and business decisions?

This special symposium is part of the Alltech REBELation, an event exploring innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas in Lexington, Ky., USA, from May 17-20. The Digital Business symposium begins on May 18. Pre-conference events include an opportunity to savor the best in brews from across the Bluegrass and around the world at the second annual Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest on May 16, and tours of Kentucky’s horse farms, bourbon distilleries and other sites are offered on Sunday, May 17, along with an international welcome dinner for all conference attendees.

For more information, or to request an invitation, contact a local Alltech representative, visit or email Join the conversation on Twitter with #REBELation.  

Experts share what keeps them awake at night during Alltech Innovation Day at VIV Asia

[BANGKOK] –Alltech, the global leader in animal health and nutrition, asked industry leaders "What if our nutrition kept pace with today's genetics?" at the Alltech Innovation Day at VIV Asia 2015. More than 100 attendees from 12 countries came together for an afternoon to hear about hot topics in nutrition and listen to experts debate the future of agriculture.

Chaired by Aidan Connolly, Alltech chief innovation officer and vice president of corporate accounts, a panel of experts debated the future of feed, animal and food production over dinner. Kicking off the discussion, Connolly asked, "What keeps you awake at night?" Gordon Butland, director of G&S Agri Consultants, spoke about food supply, food safety and regulations. Philip Wilkinson, executive director of 2 Sisters Food Group, said that campylobacter has been a concern globally, increased milk supply in the EU is causing a sharp drop in milk prices and there is increased competition in the retail sector, where discount stores are stealing market share from the traditional market leaders such as Tesco. Dr. Mark Lyons, Alltech vice president of corporate affairs and head of Greater China, spoke about the changing attitude of consumers, particularly in China where changes are happening more rapidly than the rest of the world. He also spoke about environmental concerns in China, once a low priority but now the number one issue, which will have an impact on farming systems and the supply chain.

The dinner followed an afternoon of informative presentations. Matthew Smith, Alltech vice president Asia Pacific, began the afternoon, asking if he could steal the imagination of the attendees because imagination and innovation are linked together. He said the food industry should listen to Steve Jobs, who aimed to sell dreams, not products. “Alltech's dream is to provide innovation to the farmer, to deliver profitability to the farm and safe, sustainable food to the ever growing population.”

Daniel Graugnard, Alltech nutrigenomics research scientist, shared his enthusiasm for the possibilities within nutrigenomics. He said one of the most exciting areas is nutritional programming, including prenatal nutrition, foetal programming, finishing diets for better feed efficiency and targeted transitional diets.

Connolly focused on the increased pressure facing antibiotic use in agriculture, highlighting McDonald’s recent announcement that they will change the requirements for chicken suppliers, requiring the removal of human antibiotics in the next two years. He spoke about how Alltech's AGP-free program, known as Seed-Feed-Weed, can assist flock performance, lower the risk of wet litter and downgrades and minimise the risk of antibiotic resistance. The company feeds three billion broilers globally using Alltech's antibiotic free programs.

Steve Elliott, Alltech global director of minerals, spoke about five challenges with trace mineral nutrition. He highlighted that minerals can destroy supplemental enzyme activity when exogenous enzymes, such as phytase, are used in rations.  However, this interference is removed when minerals are presented in the Bioplex form. Elliott also spoke about the fifth Alltech heavy metal survey, which showed 30% of the almost 500 samples tested were contaminated with at least one heavy metal above acceptable EU levels for arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb), the highest in the history of the survey. Elliot stressed that a total replacement program (TRT) can overcome such challenges associated with traditional inorganic mineral nutrition strategies. The Alltech TRT program has demonstrated performance can be maintained or improved with a lower cost and can be used up to six times lower than commercial levels. Alltech is also using TRT to address meat quality issues, especially woody breast.

Tugrul Durali, Alltech poultry technical manager, Asia-Pacific, spoke about the challenges to finding mycotoxins, including errors in sampling and the complexity of conjugated or masked mycotoxins. He stressed that the best way to manage the risk is through the use of a holistic mycotoxin management program. This includes the use of a proven, broad spectrum mycotoxin adsorbent like Mycosorb A+ in conjunction with a holistic mycotoxin prevention program like MIKO.

“Alltech is showcasing our ability to be the company our industry can count on to provide new ideas, exploring innovations that will reduce feed costs while at the same time, increasing performance and profitability,” said Smith. “We have been delighted to welcome our partners to this forum to discuss key issues and solutions here in Bangkok.”