International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE)
January 26 - January 28, 2016

Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Find out how Alltech can improve the health and performance of your flock by using natural nutritional solutions that benefit the animal, the consumer and the environment. Come visit us at during the International Production and Processing Expo, and discover the Alltech experience:

  • Improve your professional network by participating in one of our two Kentucky Ale happy hours.
  • Converse with world industry experts and learn the latest on modern animal nutrition.
  • Enter for a chance to win an iPad by playing our interactive games.


Kentucky Ale Happy Hour

Improve your professional network in a friendly environment while enjoying an ice-cold Kentucky Ale beer and traditional Irish dancers.

Omelet Station
What if… the eggs you eat for breakfast contained your daily DHA Omega-3 requirements? Many experts believe DHA enriched eggs are the next generation of functional foods. DHA can improve the health and immunity in flocks while also improving the nutritional quality of eggs through enrichment.

Come and enjoy a delicious omelet and learn more about DHA Omega 3 enrichment using sustainable Algae technology.

Alltech Café Citadelle espresso Station
The Alltech Sustainable Haiti Project includes complete financial responsibility as well as renovations and education support for two grade schools in northern Haiti; and the resurrection of a Haitian gem - the country’s 100% shade-grown Arabica coffee. Come and enjoy a cup of Alltech Café Citadelle, available all day every day.


From snow storms to gridlocked streets, IPPE was not short of exciting twists this year. In the midst of the chaos, the show went on! Between meetings, happy hours, quizzes, and more, there was always something happening at IPPE 2014. Sharing innovations and new trial information, our experts tackled the question, 'What if?' head on. Addressing everything from mycotoxins and coccidiosis to minerals and gut health, the speaker series tackled some of the largest problems we're facing in the poultry industry. Also at the booth, Alltech Café Citadelle espresso was served daily, allowing attendees to feel good about their coffee. By providing a sales and marketing channel for Haitian coffee, Alltech Café Citadelle stands as an example of what can be achieved through sustainable enterprise.

In keeping with Alltech’s focus on education, the Alltech Student Manuscript Award was presented to Anita Menconi, a poultry science student at the University of Arkansas who won the award with her paper 'Effect of Chitosan on Salmonella Typhimurium in Broiler Chickens'. Menconi received a trophy and a $500 cash prize. Also, continuing our primacy in science, Alltech proudly presented 9 abstracts, 6 posters, and 3 oral presentations at the International Poultry Scientific Forum.