Alltech On-farm Dairy Webinar
July 11 - July 11, 2014


How often do you take time to walk the stalls of your barns and listen to what your cows are telling you? Whether it’s in the freestall barn, at the feed bunk or in the parlor, your herd communicates every day telling you all of the profit busters that they experience on the farm. The question is, are you listening?

Tom Lorenzen, an Alltech On-farm Support technician from the heart of dairy land Wisconsin, spends his days walking barns and identifying areas on dairies that could be costing the farms money. Transition cow programs, freestall measurements, employee training, parlor management and nutrition programs are just a few of the many areas Lorenzen spends time analyzing.

Join us July 11 at 11 AM CDT as Tom Lorenzen shares key information he has gained from years of experience and learn dairy management tips that you can implement in your own operation.