“From Farm to Fork” – what does that mean?

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    A look at how Gilligan Meats in Roscommon Ireland produces top quality meat from farm to fork.

    Suppose you have a delivery of chicken feed and you want to know what’s in it. You don't just want a list of ingredients; you want to know which supplier produced each ingredient and exactly from where it was shipped. Now, suppose you are in the grocery store. You have a chicken and you want to know exactly what that chicken ate. That is a lot of information to track. That is what “From Farm to Fork” is all about.

    Why would you need all that information?

    Traceability makes it easy to pinpoint the source of a food safety problem very quickly. If there is a case of E. coli or Salmonella contamination in a particular area of the country, authorities can quickly determine exactly where the contaminated meat or produce originated. Without traceability it can take weeks to find the source of the problem. Lengthy food safety scares can result in large recalls, unnecessarily discarded food and reduced consumer confidence. A widespread food scare can cost the food industry and consumers millions of dollars.

    We have implemented traceability procedures as part of the Alltech Quality System. In order to achieve full traceability for the entire food industry, every company in the supply chain must have traceability for their products.

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