Pet Health

    Solutions for Pet

    Alltech’s solutions for pets provide natural and nutritional solutions to overcome challenges faced within the pet industry. It encompasses all of Alltech’s efforts to ensure customer satisfaction from the quality of our products to cutting edge research, our strong innovative leadership and everything in between.

    Our holistic approach incorporates all facets of the industry – from fish to felines, from canaries to canines. Our nutritional solutions optimize palatability, maintain gut health, and build natural defenses for quality of life.

    Pathway to Wellbeing

    Our vision of the pathway to wellbeing includes fine-tuning the companion animal's genetic performance and focusing on providing what is desired by animal lovers. The use of a nutritional solution, such as nutrigenomics, which evaluates the impact of nutrition on key genes, can be central to improving animal health and quality of life. Antioxidant levels in a bitch's colostrum, coat, body, muscular and skin condition; and immune status may all be influenced by the level of nutrients in the diet as well as the timing of their delivery.

    The key factors that will enable sustainable pet food companies to advance into the future is the production of safe, consistent and quality companion animal food that exceeds expectations.