Equine Nutrition & Health

    Alltech Equine Advantage

    What is the Alltech Equine Advantage?

    The Alltech Equine Advantage is a program that consists of natural, nutritional solutions tailored to address challenges impacting horse health and performance. It encompasses all of Alltech’s efforts to ensure customer satisfaction from the quality of our products to our educational workshops and cutting edge research, our strong relationships with world class consultants. Our goal is to give our customers an advantage in this competitive industry.

    Our holistic approach incorporates all facets of the industry – from feed to foal, from the racetrack to the show ring. Our nutritional solutions optimize performance, maintain gut health, and build natural defences. This is why we call it the Alltech Equine Advantage Program.


    Pathway to Profitability

    Our vision for the pathway to profitability includes fine-tuning the horse’s genetic performance and focusing on providing what is desired by the consumer. The use of a nutritional solution, such as nutrigenomics, which evaluates the impact of nutrition on key genes, can be central to improving animal health and performance. Antioxidant levels in the mare’s colostrum, fertility, coat, body, muscular and hoof condition, and immune status may all be influenced by the level of nutrients in the diet as well as the timing of their delivery.

    The key factors that will enable sustainable and profitable horse feed companies to advance into the future is the production of safe, consistent and quality horse feeds that exceed the consumer’s expectations. Offering demonstrably superior feeds is a clear pathway to profitability.